News update for the 2016 season

  • As many of you will know 2015 saw many changes for Mere Lane Fishery. Excavation of our two new canals was finally completed at the end of 2014 and exciting plans were underway for the completion of these canals.

    During the spring/Summer of 2015 we commenced the landscaping of our lakes planting many trees and bushes to attract local wildlife and to enhance the surroundings making it appealing to our anglers. Grass was sown and fishing pegs were built. Each canal can be easily accessed and parking (weather permitting) available behind the pegs. So no having to carry fishing tackle long distances before the day begins, or at the end of a long day session!

    Both canals have disabled pegs, so allowing people with limited mobility to take advantage of our facilities. We have also installed a disabled toilet, which can accommodate a wheelchair.

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    Each year during the winter months our stocking and re-stocking of our lakes takes place. The doughnut lake has been our main priority this year with an intense programme. The fish include Carp, Roach, Bream, Ide and Barbel and have been sourced from reputable fish farms across the U.K. Match booking have proved popular for this lake and we are now taking bookings for the 2017 season.

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    The small canal which is predominantly @Silvers@ has also been stocked with an extra 500-600 Roach and Bream kindly donated by the Environment Agency. This canal has purpose built pegs and also disabled facilities. Our Fishing Academy makes great use of this lake, details of which can be found on our Academy Page.

    The Academy offers first class tuition by our full trained coaches and last year was awarded both ‘Clubmark’ and ‘Fishmark’ accreditation by Darren Birch, Angling Trust’s North West Representative.

    Our Specimen Lake is still a firm favour with ‘Carpers’. Fish in this lake range from 8lb up to 23lb with Percy our famous Sturgeon topping the scales at 24lb. Overnight stays are available by pre-booking, but only to our regular anglers.

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    We are pleased to report that all four of our lakes are now open for fishing. Our prices for this season remain the same and anybody with any enquiries should contact Mrs. Glenys Thompson who will be more than happy to assist.

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